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Answers About Autism

Wandering & Autism

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Many of my clients live in a constant state of vigilance because their children are prone to leave.  Some call this behavior “wandering” but in fact it is better described as bolting.  Some children show no awareness of self safety, and will try to get to their object of interest when possible.  Unfortunately, the things they want to see are often ... Read More »

Dr. Lovaas’ View: Autism Diagnosis (Video)

Dr Lovaas

Video Transcript: When I was an undergraduate at UCLA I had a really unique experience. I with able to drive Ivar Lovaas who developed ABA back in the seventies and eighties. I was able to drive him down to see one of my clients. I was a senior therapist for him on the autism project. I remember asking him, “Dr. ... Read More »

DSM 5—What Does It Mean? (Video)


There is considerable confusion and anxiety surrounding the new diagnostic criteria for Autism.  It is helpful to understand what the new criteria are, and how it affects those who are already diagnosed with autism, and people who will be diagnosed in the future. Autism Spectrum Disorder DSM 5 Must meet criteria A, B, C, and D:  A. Social communication and ... Read More »

Teenager With Autism & Speech

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My cousin’s daughter aged about 15 years has speech  problems . She is able to call family members by name though not clear. She has been in a specialized school and is able to manage her daily chores. Her education is not even basic. What can be done? Speech and language therapy is essential for all people with autism, throughout their ... Read More »

Teaching Reading to Adolescent with Autism?

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Darolyn asks: i was wondering if there are any special ways to teach an autistic child to read? my son is 11 and reading on a 1st grade level, he was recently diagnosed with mild autism and i have no idea where to start with all of the treatment so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Every child ... Read More »

Another Child With Autism?

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I have an 8 year old autistic son who I love very much. And we desperately want another child. But it might be more than I can handle. What is the probability of having another child with autism? Your concern is valid and shared by many other parents in your situation.  We are learning more about the genetic links to ... Read More »

Autism Reinforcement & Video Games?

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The therapist told us to use my sons obsession as a positive reinforcement. Unfortunately his latest obsession is guns. We let him play Call Of Duty (COD). It does seem to work as a reinforcement but we are concerned about reinforcing this obsession that we don’t approve of. This is a good topic for discussion.  People on the spectrum often ... Read More »

Morning Misery: Dressing Autistic Child

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Every morning is a complete struggle with my daughter who is autistic. She’s crying. Her socks are too tight and too scratchy. She doesn’t want to wear shoes. It’s cold outside and she refuses to wear a coat, etc. Any tips on making dressing easier? Children on the spectrum are often very sensitive to how clothing feels on their bodies. ... Read More »

Worried About Autism

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I’m afraid my 2 year old is autistic. My doctor says not to worry. What should I do? Parent intuition is strong and often accurate.  Remember that while a doctor has a tremendous amount of education, you, as a parent, have a PhD in you child.  I strongly suggest that you look for a second opinion.  Some sources are your ... Read More »

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Child Has Autism?

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Marsha from San Diego California asks: What should I do if I suspect my child has Autism? The number one thing to do is make a appointment to take your child to see a specialist as soon as possible. Developmental Pediatricians, Neuropsychologists, and Psychologists conduct full evaluations in order to determine whether a child is on the autism spectrum. Marsha, ... Read More »