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How Does Autism Affect Learning?

Every child with autism is different.

It is called a spectrum disorder because there is so much variation in how autism expresses itself.

In general, when it comes to learning, the most common problem that children with autism have is difficulties with language.

Both listening (receptive language) and speaking (expressive language) are affected in someone with autism. Because of difficulties in communication, all subject areas in school can be challenging.

Young children who don’t have autism learn language without specific intervention. In other words, the “typical” environment they are born into has the right conditions to learn language and social skills. Children with autism learn a lot less from the environment. They are capable of learning, but they need a structured environment to do so. Language skills must be taught explicitly. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a treatment that helps set up the environment to enable children with autism to learn.

Using special programs that are structured and give one-on-one instruction, children with autism can learn to thrive at home and in the community.

Watch this video to understand why learning effective communication is the most important skill for people with autism.