Monday , November 18 2019
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Morning Misery: Dressing Autistic Child

Every morning is a complete struggle with my daughter who is autistic. She’s crying. Her socks are too tight and too scratchy. She doesn’t want to wear shoes. It’s cold outside and she refuses to wear a coat, etc. Any tips on making dressing easier?

Children on the spectrum are often very sensitive to how clothing feels on their bodies. While many of us can screen out the feeling of a tight belt, or scratchy tag, some people cannot concentrate on anything else. Your daughter is probably miserable, and so are you! It is a bit of a chore to find out what she will wear comfortably. The qualities of clothing you are looking for are soft, loose and flexible. Fortunately, young girls are stylish in cotton leggings, loose tops or dresses and unbinding shoes like cowboy boots or sandals. Warm layered sweatshirts are often preferable to structured jackets. Cotton is softer than wool or non-natural fibers. When you find clothing items that she will wear without complaint, I suggest you buy a few sets in differing colors. Then, each night before bed, she might choose one of two offered outfits to put on in the morning. If mornings are still too difficult, you might consider allowing her to wear her school clothes to bed. I wish you the best with your sweet girl. Perhaps it will help to know that many children who are sensitive to clothing become less so as they grow older.