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8 Communication Differences with Autism or Aspergers (Video)

Autism Communication

People with autism have differences in the way they communicate compared to other people.  This video describes eight common ways that language can vary.  If you are concerned that a child or adult you know may be autistic, see if they may have these communication differences. If someone you know has any of these communication differences, please consult a speech ... Read More »

How Can I Help A Child With Autism Learn More Effectively?

Teach student with autism

In order for you to help a child with autism learn effectively, you need to know how they learn best. Below is a list of some of the things that children with autism need to help them learn. Children With Autism Need Structure Structure makes events predictable, reduces stress, confusion, anxiety, and decreases behavior problems. Structure also builds on the ... Read More »

Can A Person With Autism Lead A Normal Life?

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When parents find out that their child has autism, they often want to know if their child will be able to lead a “normal” life. There are just so many differences in each case of autism that it’s impossible to predict how “normal” a person’s life will be. The term “neuro-typical” or “NT” has replaced the word “normal” in the ... Read More »

What Causes Autism?

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While research is in progress to determine the answer to the question, “What Causes Autism,” there continues to be a huge debate about this.  There are many potential causes of autism, but no one cause has been proven yet. Research is ongoing and hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon. In the meantime, below is a list ... Read More »

Some Words You Need To Know About Autism


Applied Behavior Analysis: Therapy originally designed by Dr. Lovaas at UCLA.  Uses a method of teaching language and behaviors by reinforcement.  Currently, the only “approved” treatment for autism.  Supported by extensive clinical evidence. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): This is a disorder where a person isn’t able to focus on the task at hand and often has impulsive or challenging behaviors. ... Read More »

Mealtimes With Autistic Family Member (Video)

Boy with autism eating ice cream

Sue asks how she can improve her child’s eating behaviors. Children with autism are often picky eaters, sometimes have difficulty sitting still, and can take longer to learn common manners than other children.  This trio of behaviors may result in the absence of family mealtimes.  I would like to suggest that mealtimes are worth working towards.  The benefits of family ... Read More »

#1 Learning Skill is Communication (Video)

boy in suit

Parents, therapist and educators often ask which skills are essential for an autistic persons happiness and success.  The answer is simple: Communication. Watch this video to understand why. If you enjoyed this video, sign up for the Free Report and Newsletter. Further information on communication and other autism topics will be delivered to your inbox.   Read More »

Pay Attention! & ASD


If he/she would just pay attention then… they would know what to do they wouldn’t be so impulsive they wouldn’t be lazy they would stay in their seat they would be organized they would do a good job  they could learn. Familiar words we have all heard, right?  Let’s think about the validity of these statements for a moment.  Focus and ... Read More »

Dr. Lovaas’ View: Autism Diagnosis (Video)

Dr Lovaas

Video Transcript: When I was an undergraduate at UCLA I had a really unique experience. I with able to drive Ivar Lovaas who developed ABA back in the seventies and eighties. I was able to drive him down to see one of my clients. I was a senior therapist for him on the autism project. I remember asking him, “Dr. ... Read More »

DSM 5—What Does It Mean? (Video)


There is considerable confusion and anxiety surrounding the new diagnostic criteria for Autism.  It is helpful to understand what the new criteria are, and how it affects those who are already diagnosed with autism, and people who will be diagnosed in the future. Autism Spectrum Disorder DSM 5 Must meet criteria A, B, C, and D:  A. Social communication and ... Read More »