Monday , November 18 2019
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Teenager With Autism & Speech

My cousin’s daughter aged about 15 years has speech  problems . She is able to call family members by name though not clear. She has been in a specialized school and is able to manage her daily chores. Her education is not even basic. What can be done?

Speech and language therapy is essential for all people with autism, throughout their lifetimes.  By definition, people with autism have difficulties with some aspect of understanding and producing language.  It sounds as if your relative has a limited spoken vocabulary.  Perhaps she would be better able to communicate using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication System (AAC). Some examples of AAC are sign language, Picture Exchange (PECS), computer assisted, or letter boards. The most important thing is not how she speaks, but that she is able to communicate effectively.  People who are not able to express their needs and feelings often have destructive behaviors and other complications.  You can support your cousins by making sure that this 15 year old girl is receiving intensive speech and language therapy, and that her entire family and school team are using the same communication system across all environments.

Thank you for your question, Fakhruddin. Your cousins are fortunate to have a relative in their corner.