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What Causes Autism?

While research is in progress to determine the answer to the question, “What Causes Autism,” there continues to be a huge debate about this.  There are many potential causes of autism, but no one cause has been proven yet.

Research is ongoing and hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon. In the meantime, below is a list of some of the potential causes of autism.


Research into the genetic causes of autism is proceeding at a furious pace.  Genetics have proven to be the cause of autism in Fragile X and Rett Syndrome. These disorders can be tested by blood work that can identify the genetic flaw.

The most current research has found nine genes which are found in 15 % of people with autism. Because of the fact that many families have more than one child with autism, we know that autism has a genetic basis for at least a portion of the population.


It is likely that environmental factors contribute to causing autism.

Many believe there is a link between environmental factors such as pollution, food processing including fertilizers and pesticides, other toxic elements and autism.

Although it hasn’t been definitively proven, many experts believe that autism is the result of a genetic predisposition combined with exposure to environmental toxins.


People who believe the NIDS (Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) theory say that many people who have autism may not only have a brain disorder, but an immune disorder as well.

This theory hasn’t been proven, but if it were that would mean many more treatment options for people with autism.

Some doctors who have believe in NIDS and its treatment have seen symptoms of autism in their patients decreased. The doctors and therapists who believe in this cause of autism are often called “DAN! Doctors” which stands for Defeat Autism Now. The term DAN! is being replaced by Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).


Some research has been done that indicates women who were given the drug pitocin (to induce labor), or who have poor diet, yeast infections, or changes in their immune or hormone system during pregnancy have a higher chance of having a child with autism. Research indicates that older mothers and fathers have increased chances of their child having Autism.